# About Me

Hello! I'm Chris, a Freelance UI/UX Designer & Developer from Tokyo, Japan.

I am currently working in a B2B IT company in Tokyo, Japan. I collaborate with passionate people and companies to create products and services that have exceptional user interface and experience. Most recently, I've been working on an online tool related to B2B and HR services.

You can follow me on Linkedin (opens new window) or reach out via email -

# Companies I’ve worked with

  • Japan : Works Human Intelligence
  • US : EG, Technology Services Group, Isobar, Saggezza, TCS TATA, Chicago Housing Authority, and more.

# I can help you with

  • User interface and experience design
  • User interviews
  • Usability audit and user testing
  • Prototypes
  • UI/UX culture & team building
  • UI/UX & Front-End training
  • eCommerce
  • Front End Architecture
  • and many more

Feel free to send me a quick message. Let's discuss how I can help you.

Thank You.